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Our Records, Our Rights

Open Records. Open Minds

State says NO to birth certificates for adult adoptees.

Adoptees are tax paying citizens – not second class citizens.

Restore our right to our birth records.

We are not ashamed of being adopted. Sealed records makes us FEEL ashamed.

Bastards of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your shame.

We the people, not we the property.

Equal Rights for Adult Adoptees.

Adoptees have rights. Adoptees have roots.

Are you adopted? Are you sure?!

Whose birth was it, anyway?

Whose life is it, anyway?

My records, my choice.

Always a child in the eyes of the state

Adult Adoptees = children forever.

My ID is a state secret.

My dog has his papers. I don’t.

End government sanctioned shame in adoption.

End state sponsored secrets and lies.

You don’t deserve less because you were adopted.

We don’t want your pity. Just give us back our dignity.

Birth certificates are only true If they’re really about YOU.

©2003. Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization
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