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Adoptee Rights Issues, History and Law

Most adult adoptees in the U.S. and Canada are denied legal access to their own original birth records and adoption decree. This is not the case in many places around the world. In the U.S. and Canada Influential adoption industry lobbyists perpetuate bizarre notions of a beneficial “permanent anonymity” imposed on all in the adoption experience so as to protect their ability to continue acting as a completely unaccountable industry – something unique to the adoption industry.

Start learning about your rights, the history of the movement, and the law, and about the variety of complex issues involved in adult adoptee access to personal government documents.

Start here: The Basic Bastard — This collection of short articles address the main issues and questions regarding Bastard Nation and adoptee rights.

Local Laws, Activism and Contacts – covering the U.S., Canada and internationally.

State Adoption Disclosure Laws at a Glance

Bastard Nation Position Papers

These papers cover related issues more in depth and can be printed out for use in local public education or legislative campaigns.

History of Adoptee Rights and efforts to open records

Who We Are: the History of Bastard Nation

Sealed Records and Adoption Reform: An Historical Perspective

The Uniform Adoption Act of 1994:

– individuals and organizations opposing open adoption records

Adoptive parents groups and adoptee rights groups agree that the adoption industry lobby benefits from permanently sealed records and the nonaccountability it provides.

Birthmothers Support Open Records for Adult Adoptees:

Opposition Organizations (under construction)

  • ACLU


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