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Ideas for Getting involved

You’re a Tax-paying citizen – NOT a Second-class citizen!

Educate yourself, your community, and your legislators.

The basics of Adoptee Rights Activism. Read it to know the issues and the arguments.

A primer on getting the word out. Read it, do it, and make a difference.

Membership Drive: Increase the visibility of Bastard Nation’s message in your community. Learn how to set up an outreach table at a community event, distribute literature and membership flyers and meet new prospective members.

Print: Slogans for Protest Signs

Print: Protest Chants

November is Adoption Awareness Month! 

Be on the lookout for stories and news about adoption and make sure you respond! Write letters; make phone calls; educate the public on adult adoptee rights!

– Past Activism –

Bastards on the Bayou protest in front of the Louisiania Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics.  New Orleans.  May 17, 2002

Adoptee Rights DayJune 2nd.Celebrates the anniversary of the final passage of Oregon’s Adoptee Rights bill, Measure 58. Public awareness events at Vital Records offices and local hubs. Focus is on equal rights and dignity for adopted citizens. Multiple cities nationwide.  1998 – 2001

Bastards on the Boardwalk Adoptee Dignity March in Atlantic City, NJ.  October 9, 1999

Bastards in the Belly of the Beast protest in front of NCFA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  May 14, 1999

Bastard Bookstore display. Community outreach in San Francisco, CA.  1998

T.I.E.S. Benefit with Christina CrawfordBooksigning and benefit screening of “Mommie Dearest” for the Terminal Illness Emergency Search Program in Seattle, WA.  April 3, 1998

Oregon Open ’98 Ballot Initiative Rally for Measure 58 in Portland, OR.   March 21, 1998

Bastards at the Bell - Let Freedom Ring!  “Our Records, Our Rights” Rally in Philadelphia, PA.  November 8, 1997

American Bar Association protest during their annual meeting to make lawyers aware of the anti-adoptee provisions in the 1994 Uniform Adoption Act.  San Francisco, CA.  August 2, 1997

Sealed Records Protest as part of the Birth of a Bastard Nation conference in Chicago, IL.  July 18, 1997

Adoptee Dignity Recognized in American Greetings Case! Internet Activism gets anti-adoptee card withdrawn. Read Marley Greiner’s piece on this success in the Columbus Dispatch. February – March, 1997

Secrets and Lies Rallies – series of open records public awareness events in conjunction with the award-winning Oscar-nominated film, “Secrets & Lies.”  Multiiple cities.  1996 – 1997

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Read a day-by-day account of what real live adoptees have to say about secret adoption and sealed records....A service of Bastard Nation and Emma Pea! Fighting adoptacrats since 1996.

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Bastard Nation’s Sample Resolution Against Vetoes and Other Restrictions

Bastard Nation’s Sample Resolution Against Vetoes and Other Restrictions

Any political organization seeking to enact true open records legislation should be very clear with both their constituents and the legislators they work with about what the essential provisions of the proposed bill are. Any modification or deletion of the essential provisions of a bill should be immediate cause to have the bill killed.

Any political organization seeking the assistance of Bastard Nation to pass open records legislation must hold unconditional access by adult adoptees to the original record of their birth as an essential provision that cannot be modified or deleted. Read our Mission Statement.

Bastard Nation will not assist any political organization to pass open records legislation unless their governing board or other leadership

... passes a written resolution such as the following that commits the board to a strategy of no compromise on key provisions
... informs its constituents of this commitment and this strategy
... informs the sponsoring legislators of this commitment and this strategy.

WHEREAS we recognize that disclosure and contact vetoes, redactions, mandatory intermediaries and registry provisions are an affront to the dignity of adopted persons everywhere and a violation of their right to due process and equal treatment under the law,

WHEREAS there has been a demonstrable negative effect on the ability to pass unconditional open records in states that have passed veto legislation and/or any provisions that are less than unconditional access on demand by the adult adoptee,

WHEREAS our primary goal is to restore the right of adult adoptees everywhere to be treated as full citizens under the law,

WE HEREBY DECLARE that under no circumstances will we accept the addition of veto, redaction, intermediary, or registry provisions, or any conditional provisions to our legislation that would be less than unconditional access for adult adoptees to the original record of their birth. All legislative sponsors and members of this organization will be informed of our policy on this matter to ensure that the bill is pulled promptly in the event of such revisions.